Easy DIY Halloween Decor

Since we are stuck at home for a while, ‘Tis the season to be creative! Doing DIY’s has been a really great escape from the downsides of 2020. With Halloween coming up, it’s the perfect time to create YOUR dream spooky space.

*this post contains affiliate links of products i truly love and use! 

I came up with this super easy coffee tin diy. I love the brand Don Francisco’s Coffee and it comes with this awesome size aluminum tin.

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Items You’ll Need

First you want to get the wrapping and the glue off the tin. I peeled off the tag and then used canola oil to get the sticky glue off. It sounds weird, but it works!

This is where you can get creative and make a pattern you’d like! I decided to do straight lines of holes across using a small nail and hammer. Use a marker to draw out your design first if needed. Carefully hammer in the nail creating a nice size hole. Continue the technique until happy.

I painted the entire tin using a orange yellow acrylic paint. Definitely do 2 or 3 coats depending on the color you chose. Make sure to let the coat dry completely between each application

Using the Mars Black acrylic paint, I filled in the horizontal lines. Let it dry completely. Use a toothpick to re-open the holes(may be filled with paint)

Use a small tea light or fairy lights on the inside and voila!! You created a beautiful Halloween decoration!

**Be careful not to burn fingers!

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