Renter Friendly Wall Decor – Tiny Space

To give a little back story– my boyfriend, our baby Simba and I live in a cute little 1 bedroom cottage, emphasis on little! Trying to add wall decor to make it our style while keeping it “renter friendly” in a tiny space is a challenge….but challenge accepted 💪🏽

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my baby samba ❤

I have this small wall space, about 2 feet wide, between my closet door and window in my bedroom that I wanted to decorate and utilize in some way. Here’s what I came up with..

Nothing crazy but I was happy with how it came out(no before pictures but the space was empty)! My hats were chillin in my closets for months so I used them as wall decor and maybe now that I see them, I’ll actually wear them(I used tacks to hold the hats up)!

bohemian style renter friendly apartment ideas

All the decor were items that I’ve previously thrifted, up cycled or passed down, except for the beaded macrame Garland, I handmade that 😬 if you’d like to purchase them you can click the picture below!

rustic wooden beaded garland with macrame tassels.  boho style decor

Another way to keep your renter friendly apartment looking cute is by having beautiful kitchen gadgets that are actually useful! Check out the post below ❤

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